TruPay is a flexible payroll process. Integrate your actual payroll exposures with your existing payroll process and calculate your premium with ease.

TruPay is simple, secure, and streamlined. Premiums are automatically calculated and withdrawn from your account using Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. TruPay has a quick and convenient one-time ACH payment setup.

How TruPay works

At any time, you can contact one of our TruPay Administrators at (800) 283-1153 ext. 2855145 for guidance and assistance.

Submit payroll data electronically via the TruPay Application Portal.

Submit payroll data at intervals established by you and your TruPay administrator at the time of enrollment.

Authorize automatic withdrawal of policy premiums via ACH transactions.

Provide key contact information and authorization for the payroll staff or service responsible for collection and submission of payroll data.

Benefits of TruPay

  • Cash Flow Management: TruPay customers eliminate the need for large deposits and prepayments.
  • No Premium Audit Surprises: Final premium audits should only reflect minor premium variances.
  • Flexible Payroll Reporting: TruPay offers a variety of ways to report payroll exposures. We work with you to use the best reporting solution.
  • Automated Payment Transaction Processing: Premium payments are made in the correct amount and on-time, directly from your bank account via safe and secure ACH transaction processing.

What to expect

  • We will assist you throughout the enrollment process to ensure the TruPay program fits your needs.
  • We will work with your payroll representatives to establish a streamlined work flow of pay­roll information and ACH payment options.
  • We will notify your representative if we identify issues related to the correct processing of your TruPay transactions.

The TruPay difference

TruPay is an independent solution offered by BMAG. It does not require you to form new vendor relationships with payroll providers. TruPay allows you to manage your existing payroll vendor/vendor reports and/or internal payroll processing systems:

  • Manually enter payroll information directly through the TruPay customer portal;
  • Use a standard TruPay template to upload payroll information through the TruPay customer portal; or
  • Work with BMAG to create a custom report which may be uploaded through the TruPay customer portal.