Claim Services


Automobile damage means you need a rapid response, fast service, and the knowledge that you’re dealing with experts who can deliver quickly. We get it. Through our Same Day Contact Commitment, we expedite your claim process so you can move to recovery faster.


General Liability

When General Liability claims are made against you, it can reflect on your business. You need knowledgeable people to use their expertise to defend you.

That’s why we’re here.

Our customer experience is driven by knowledgeable, experienced claim professionals who investigate and evaluate your General Liability claims made against you.

We promptly pay what you are due from damages. It’s what we do.


When property is damaged it creates a financial drain on your business. Our experienced, specialized claim professionals understand the pressure. That’s why we quickly begin your claim process through our Same Day Contact Commitment. Fast processing gets you to recovery as quickly as possible.


Workers' Compensation

When injuries happen on the job, we all want people to get back to better health and back to work as expediently as possible. That’s the reason we have access to a staff of medical professionals who can help with your Workers’ Compensation exposures, including:

  • A bilingual nurse and other locally convenient nurses on staff.
  • A team of nurses to screen new reports of injury in order to identify claims that can benefit from specialized or early interventions.
  • Access to a staff physician who can provide general consultation to claim reps and help plan medical care, at no additional cost to you or your customers.
  • Responsive nurses who coordinate superior medical care to help expedite recovery and create return-to-work opportunities.

State Forms

Each state has a specific form for filing a new Workers’ Compensation first report of accident. For your convenience, please click on the attached link for each state.