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BMAG® Agency Interface Technology

At Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group, we offer our agents an array of technology options that make communication easy and writing business even easier. Our goal is to provide everything at your fingertips so you can spend more time on accounts and less time waiting for information. We are continuously looking for new ways to make doing business with us quicker and simpler. Currently, we provide the following tools:

Commercial Lines Download

Commercial Lines Download electronically transfers policy transaction information from BMAG®’s policy system to an agent’s inbox to be imported into their agency management system, and eliminating the need to re-key information.

Commercial Download is fast and convenient. You may begin downloading on a specific date or ask for an initial load that contains all active policy information.

Line of Business availability depends upon the agent’s vendor, however BMAG® is certified for Auto, BOP, GL, Package, Property, Umbrella, and Workers Compensation.

Direct Bill Commission Download

Direct Bill Commission Statement data is downloaded from BMAG®’s billing administration system to an agent’s inbox to be imported into their agency management system, eliminating the need to re-key information.

Carrier Passport / Single Sign-On / Automatic Website Logon

Access BMAG®’s website to find information in a matter of seconds without having to enter your user name and password. Your agency management system has the ability to sign-on directly to BMAG®’s website, eliminating the need to remember and re-enter passwords.

Agency Portal

BMAG®’s secure website for our agents provides access to billing, policy, claim, financial information and reports. A variety of tools and information related to BMAG®’s products are also available on this site.

Commercial Lines Upload/On-line Quoting – Berkley Link

Berkley Link is our online rating application for new business. Agents can upload customer information from a variety of agency management systems or enter it directly into Berkley Link to quickly obtain a quote.

Real Time Inquiry

Agents can make real time inquiries for Policy, Claim, and Billing data directly from their agency management system without having to log on to BMAG®’s website.

Real Time

Managed Agency Print

Agency policy print can be turned off; all documents are available as a PDF on BMAG®’s secure website. Agencies will receive the Insured’s copy of the policy and all subsequent endorsements. The Agent’s notification of policy issuance and changes to the policy will be a receipt of the Insured’s copy of policy documents, mailed to the Agency.

Claim Status

Quickly find out current claim status as well as the action plan to bring the claim to resolution by accessing our secure agency website directly or by using Real Time.

Claim Download

This will provide the ability to download complete claim data or updates into agency management systems. Currently only available for Applied products.

First Notice Of Loss (FNOL)

This will provide the ability to upload a first notice of loss directly from an agent’s management system and return a claim number or acknowledgement. These tools are available to our agencies to make BMAG “easy to do business with.”

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Contact our Agency Technical support team to obtain more information or to activate any of the tools listed here.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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